Things to Do in Asheville

The mountains surrounding the Asheville area have one of the longest foliage seasons in the country, making the North Carolina mountain town an ideal vacation in autumn. From tasting homegrown eats and sipping local beers to experiencing the city’s fall beauty, there are many fun things to do in Asheville during the autumn months. Discover top fall-inspired sights and bites in Asheville with this list from The Parking Spot.  Start planning your Asheville getaway! Aerial Tours Admire colorful fall displays in the Great Smoky Mountains from an aerial vantage point. Hot air balloon trips offer a one-of-a-kind ride above the yellow and red painted treetops. Climb to an altitude of 500–2,000 feet for prime views on an hour-long trip with outfitters such as Asheville Hot Air Balloons or R.O. Franks Hot Air Balloon Company. More adventurous travelers can witness fall foliage up close on a zip line tour through the forest canopy. Chasing the Monarch Starting in the middle of September, thousands of migrating monarch butterflies float through the Great Smoky Mountains en route from Asheville to Mexico. You can witness the monarchs’ journey about 35 minutes south of Asheville at Wagon Road Gap on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Visit Hop’n Blueberry Farm for the annual Monarch Release and local beers. Fall Food Asheville’s culinary scene flourishes in fall with more than 250 independent restaurants taking advantage of locally grown produce. Aside from its famous North Carolina barbecue, Asheville boasts all types of cuisine; local chefs often prepare a fresh, farm-to-table experience for their patrons. During the late summer and fall, visitors can enjoy farmers markets full of fruits, mushrooms, and nuts from the Appalachian Harvest. Go blueberry picking on the Blue Ridge Parkway and bring home a tasty souvenir. Beer Scene Named the winner of The Examiner’s “Beer City, USA” poll four years running, Asheville is home to 21 craft breweries.  From nano-breweries to upscale tasting bars, visitors can enjoy all types of beer, including sour beer and pumpkin-inspired brews. Take a closer look at Asheville’s beer scene by booking The Brews Cruise, which offers tours at three of the city’s local breweries. Climb aboard the Amazing Pubcycle, a touring trolley where you can enjoy refreshing beers while pedaling down the streets. Travel to Asheville for a festive fall vacation.  What's on your list of things to do in Asheville?
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