7 Essential Suitcase Packing Tips

When it’s time to get ready for a trip, one of the hardest things to do is figure out what to pack.  With the gifts you might have to carry with you, the weather changes you might encounter, and the expensive charges for overweight bags, it’s important that travelers figure out how to pack like a pro. Use the following suitcase packing tips to learn the right way to pack before you go on a holiday trip. 1. Use Your Itinerary Before you begin packing, write down your trip itinerary. Use your itinerary to gauge what types of attire you will need to bring with you. 2. Mix and Match When traveling, you want to be prepared for anything that might come up including weather changes and a variety of events. Pack items that you can easily layer and mix and match to create an assortment of different outfits. 3. Rock and Roll While folding clothing is great for home, rolling your clothing is better for suitcase packing. By rolling your clothing, you can fit more into your suitcase. Rolling clothes also helps your clothing stay unwrinkled. Roll items as tightly as possible, and try to keep them flat. 4. Take Care of Breakables Your fragile items should be handled with true care. However, when traveling, it can be hard to keep a close eye on your delicate items. Always wrap delicate objects in bubble wrap. Pack them in the center, and surround them by clothing that can act as a buffer while they endure the bumps and turns of traveling. 5. Utilize Essential Tools Use different tools and items to help make your packing easier and more efficient. One great tool to use is an air compression bag. By vacuum-packing your clothing, you can fit more into your suitcase. It also helps to keep items organized and easy to find. 6. Use Your Shoes Shoes definitely take up a lot of space in suitcases. However, shoes can also double as storage space themselves. Put socks and other small items inside of your shoes to gain even more space in your suitcase. By stuffing your shoes, you not only are able to create more room, but help your shoes retain their shape. 7. Keep Important Items Near Nothing is more frustrating than needing an item at the bottom of your suitcase. Think about the items that you may need to use as soon as you arrive, such as a phone charger, a pillow and your itinerary, and keep these items within reach so that you can quickly find them. Once you know the right packing tips for travel, traveling can be a breeze. Check out The Parking Spot blog again soon for even more travel tips and great ways to save on convenient near-airport parking.
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