Traveling to the Scariest Haunted Houses

With Halloween around the corner, many people throughout the country are looking for the best scares. If scary movies aren’t quite frightening enough, plan a trip to tour some of the scariest haunted houses in America and make your Halloween a chilling one that you will never forget. 1. Cutting Edge Haunted House – Fort Worth, Texas This haunted treasure is located inside a spooky old meat packing plant. Recently named Guinness World Records’ longest haunted house, the suspense, length, and hundreds of live actors make it one of the scariest haunted houses in America. 2. Frightland –  Middleton, Delaware Frightland was rated one of America’s scariest haunted house tours by the Travel Channel. Within the haunted house are eight unique ghostly attractions which include a haunted barn, zombie ghost town, cemetery walks, and a haunted manor house. 3. 13th Door – Denver, Colorado The tale of the 13th door keeps visitors coming back to this haunted house. According to the 13th Door’s website, legend has it that a deadly fire was started within the house, and that only one person survived by finding the only unlocked door in the home: the 13th door. The only way to exit this haunted house is by finding this legendary eerie door. 4. Nightmare on the Bayou – Houston, Texas They say everything is bigger in Texas, and this haunted house certainly lives up to the saying. Nightmare on the Bayou boasts that it is Houston’s only haunted house with real ghosts. Located next to a graveyard, and with several visitor and staff witness accounts, this true haunted house promises real terror and fright. 5. Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania This haunted house is consistently ranked as one of the biggest and best haunted houses in the country. The allure of being located within a real penitentiary that held famous prisoners such as Al Capone, and the haunted nature of the penitentiary that famous ghost hunters have confirmed, keep fear lovers coming back in search of the true terror behind the walls. 6. The House of Shock –  New Orleans, Louisiana Louisiana is full of a rich vampire and voodoo history which makes it the perfect location for haunted houses. The House of Shock is known for its satanic theme, pyrotechnic stages, and unique sets which include a graveyard, morgue, butcher house, and the controversial main attraction, the Church of Satan. These haunted houses have become major travel destinations in their own right. This Halloween plan your next trip to visit one of the scariest haunted houses in America. Remember to use The Parking Spot for all of your haunted house tours and parking needs to ensure that you have a frighteningly fun time!
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