San Francisco Vacation

Hot Spot: San Francisco

New York City. Chicago. Los Angeles. Miami. Washington, D.C. The United States is home to many different cities that offer their own unique cultures, cuisines, attractions and experiences.  If you’re currently looking to plan a vacation or are looking for somewhere new to explore, San Francisco is an excellent choice this time of year.  The average high is below 70 degrees, so if you’re tired of the summer heat, San Francisco can offer a pleasant relief. In addition to the great weather and gorgeous views, San Francisco has plenty of unique offerings.  Check out this list of fun things to see and do during a San Francisco vacation from The Parking Spot: Alcatraz Island Just a mile and a half off the shores of San Francisco, Alcatraz Island, or The Rock, has served as a lighthouse, military fort, military prison and most famously a federal prison.  In 1972, Alcatraz was designated as a recreation area, and later in 1986, became a National Historic Landmark.  Today, tourists can take a ferry from San Francisco to The Rock to tour the historic island. Fisherman’s Wharf Located on the northern waterfront of the city, Fisherman’s Wharf is one of the biggest tourist attractions in San Francisco.  The neighborhood is home to attractions like Ghirardelli Square, Cannery Shopping Center, Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, Aquarium of the Bay and the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park. Another great reason to check out the Wharf is for the outstanding food.  Fisherman’s Wharf is home to seafood that’s just as delicious as it is fresh. 49-Mile Scenic Drive The 49-Mile Scenic Drive route starts near San Francisco City Hall and takes you through most of the city.  Among the amazing things you’ll see along the way are the Palace of Fine Arts, the Marina District, Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Twin Peaks and much more.  If you want to get a feel for San Francisco and everything it has to offer, the 49-Mile Scenic Drive is a great way to do so. Chinatown San Francisco’s Chinatown is the oldest Chinatown in the country and is home to one of the largest Chinese communities outside of Asia.  If you’re looking for authentic Chinese food, Hang Ah Tea Room is both delicious and inexpensive while also claiming to be the oldest Chinese restaurant in San Francisco.  Other unique attractions in the neighborhood include the Tin How Temple, the Chinatown Kite Shop and Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. Other great things you can do in San Francisco include taking a cable car ride, going to a San Francisco Giants baseball game, visiting the Walt Disney Family Museum and traveling down Lombard Street.  If you haven’t made a lasting memory this summer, taking advantage of San Francisco travel is sure to give you some great stories for the rest of the year.  Start planning your vacation today!  
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