Summer 2021 Safety and Sanitization Update

As we all head back to the air this summer, we want to take a moment to update you on our safety and sanitization efforts to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

We continue to require all of our employees and guests to wear masks on our shuttles throughout the summer, similar to the policy requirements of airlines and others in the travel & hospitality industries. We believe this will create the most welcoming and comfortable environment for all our staff and guests.

Our most important priority is, and will always be, your safety. Thank you for your support!

Please see below for more information on the other steps we are taking to help keep you and your family safe.

Touchless Entry and Exit
All of our guests are able to enjoy a touchless in-and-out experience by using Fast Exit on the Parking Spot App. With Fast Exit, the only thing you are touching is your own phone! Learn more about Fast Exit here.

Antimicrobial Shuttle Cleanings
All shuttles have been treated with antimicrobial products. On top of that, we clean our shuttles multiple times every shift with disinfectant products.

Hand Sanitizer Stations
Hand sanitizer is available on our shuttles for your convenience.

Optional Luggage Assistance
The Parking Spot has always offered world-class service, including trunk-to-terminal shuttle service with luggage assistance. This service is still available for any guest who requests it. Our shuttle drivers will be sure to use protective barriers when handling your luggage.

Please don’t hesitate to visit our Help and Support page with any questions you might have before your stay. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Last Updated on May 20, 2021


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