Outdoor Vacations

Outdoor destinations make great trips for travelers seeking natural beauty and an adrenaline rush. Whether you’re admiring the 18-mile-wide Grand Canyon in Arizona or exploring California’s Redwood National Park, there are plenty of great places for outdoor vacations across the country. Discover your adventurous spirit by planning your next outdoor trip. Take a look at this list of top national parks from The Parking Spot. Acadia National Park, Maine First established as Sieur de Monts National Monument in 1916 by President Woodrow Wilson, Acadia National Park did not officially receive its current name until 1929. The first national park east of the Mississippi, Acadia spans nearly 48,000 acres of seemingly uncharted landscapes encompassing mountains and ocean shoreline. Visitors can hike along rugged trails, ride horses among lush forests, or bike along the water. Rock climbing is another popular activity for adventure seekers. After you’ve had your fill of exploration, relax in Bar Harbor, a charming coastal town on Mount Desert Island. Redwood National Park, California Situated in northern California just below the Oregon border, Redwood National Park is home to the tallest trees in the world. Favorable climate conditions in the park as well as insect- and fire-resistant bark help protect the trees; the average redwood is 500 to 700 years old. Aside from strolling beneath the 200-foot redwoods, visitors can walk along Crescent Beach and look for the resident wildlife, including gray whales, seabirds, and Roosevelt elk. For an intimate experience with nature, set up tents in one of the park’s four campgrounds for a $35 per night fee. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona The Grand Canyon is a one-mile-deep geologic formation that stretches nearly 18 miles at its widest point. The canyon’s overwhelming size and striking color make this a must-see national park, and nearly 5 million visitors make the pilgrimage each year. Most people explore the Grand Canyon along the “South Rim,” the most accessible part of the park, with average elevations of 7,000 feet above sea level. Journey below the canyon’s rim by backpacking down trails, riding mules, or rafting along the Colorado River. Be sure to prepare for the harsh desert environment, where summer temperatures can climb up to 100 degrees. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming Established in 1872 as America’s first national park, Yellowstone stretches for more than 3,000 square miles and contains the majority of the world’s geysers. Old Faithful is the most famous geyser with eruptions that spout up to 180 feet into the air and last up to 5 minutes. Enjoy another natural phenomenon at Mammoth Hot Springs, where bubbling water cascades down a series of terraced rock formations. The park is also renowned for its diverse wildlife. Keep an eye out for elk, bison, and grizzly bears roaming throughout the park.   Travel to these outdoor destinations for an unforgettable trip.  What famous American landscapes do you want to visit?
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