The Parking Spot's stance on LAMP

The Parking Spot fully supports the mission of the Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP) – to reduce congestion in and around LAX while revitalizing the airport with needed infrastructure, providing a world-class travel experience for LAX’s 80 million travelers.

You may have heard about a lawsuit we recently filed, to ask Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) to redo an environmental study that we believe is inadequate, and would negatively impact residents of the Los Angeles area.

At its core LAWA’s study is severely flawed, ignoring (1) the reality of current and future traffic conditions in the central terminal area and (2) the significant safety concerns of turning 98th Street into the new roadway into LAX.

1.It is important to note that the traffic study conducted as part of the LAMP approval process was done before ride sharing services were granted access to the airport. This traffic study has already proven to be inaccurate by LAWA’s latest traffic report to its Board of Airport Commissioners, stating that nearly 75% of current traffic in the terminal area is from single passenger vehicles, the overwhelming majority being from ride-share vehicles.

2.Through LAWA’s current plan, 98th Street will expand into a high-speed, four-lane road, making it dangerous for entrance and exit to the customers of several businesses along the road. We aren’t comfortable putting our customers, or any other travelers, in a dangerous situation, and we want to work with LAWA to find a solution that improves safety and removes congestion. These concerns have been raised numerous times by several individuals and businesses, yet LAWA has never adequately addressed the issue.

In addition, alternative transportation methods such as mass group shuttles minimize pollution in the Central Terminal Area (CTA) compared to single passenger cars (ride-share). Through our customer base, The Parking Spot alone removes 6,000 tons of emission from the CTA.

To create an updated CTA traffic flow, it is vital that policy makers have the most-up-to-date and accurate data when considering the future transportation policies and how that can affect an evolving transportation landscape.

Changes at LAX will set the standard for airports throughout the world. The Parking Spot supports updating infrastructure to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow. That said, as leader in the airport travel industry, we have a responsibility to ensure decisions are based on relevant data and designed to improve the overall travel experience. We will continue to work with LAWA, as we have for 17 years, to propose solutions that will benefit more than 80 million+ travelers per year.

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