Labor Day Travel Ideas for Your Last Minute Getaway

With Labor Day quickly approaching, many people may feel as though this unofficial end of the summer holiday signifies not only the end of the season, but also a last chance to plan a last minute getaway. If summer has quickly passed you by, and you feel as though you haven’t taken that dream vacation that you promised yourself this season, it's not too late. Use the following Labor Day travel ideas from The Parking Spot® to get the most out of the rest of your summer. City Getaways With most people opting to head to popular beach towns for Labor Day, many big cities empty out, making a summer city getaway the perfect travel idea. Cities such as Chicago, New York and Los Angeles are filled with rich culture and hundreds of attractions that make them the perfect locations for a vacation. Also, when big cities aren’t as busy, it is much easier to find deals at restaurants, museums, theatres and hotels. Cruise Away Cruises are another great option for a Labor Day travel excursion. Whether it’s a cruise to Europe or the Caribbean, many cruise lines offer specials from late March through April and again from mid-September to November, making Labor Day the perfect time to cruise away into the sunset for a few days. Plus, once you book your ticket, you don’t have to think about entertainment or pick out restaurants. The cruise ship has everything you need to have a fun-filled trip with little planning needed. Beach Getaways Take advantage of the last few weeks of warm weather with a last minute getaway to the beach. With a little research you may even find beaches right in your state. If you want to explore beaches outside of your area, it’s not too late to find great last-minute beach deals and even cheap beach house rentals. Beach vacations are a great way to enjoy the great outdoors while on a budget. All you need is sunscreen and a few beachside activities to have a relaxing vacation on the beach. Roadtrips Roadtrips are a great vacation idea for any time of the year because you can essentially travel to places where it’s summer practically year-round. Map out a route that will enable you to visit several vacation destinations in one trip. Consider visiting local attractions and even famous roadside restaurants during your trip to turn it into one unforgettable journey. Staycations If you haven’t had a chance to take a vacation this summer, you may have simply been too busy to truly take the time to travel to a faraway vacation destination. Surprisingly enough, you can have a memorable vacation just by exploring your local surroundings. Staycations are a great vacation option because they are affordable and don’t require a ton of planning. Don’t let the end of summer stop you from planning an exciting last minute getaway. By thinking of creative places to visit, and utilizing travel resources such as The Parking Spot, you can plan an unforgettable end of the summer vacation without breaking the bank.
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