International Travel from Atlanta

Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport sees more passengers than any other airport in the United States, and this means more than 10,000,000 international travel passengers annually! With destinations like Dublin, Paris, Buenos Aires, Beijing, and Tokyo, the world really is your oyster when you fly out of ATL. If you’re in the planning phase of a trip abroad, check out this international travel checklist we put together to ensure smooth sailing on your overseas adventure!

    1. Make sure that passport is valid!
    Since passports expire every 10 years, it can be easy to forget that it’s close to expiration. Processing time is
    typically around 6 weeks, so this should be the first thing you do! 

    2. Reserve your parking spot at The Parking Spot 1, which is on Camp Creek Parkway, for easy access to the international terminal. Go one step further and download The Parking Spot app to easily make note of where you parked so you don’t forget while you’re away. And before you head to the airport, don’t forget to check for coupons to save a little more!

    3. Schedule any travel immunizations you may need.
    Based on your destination, a trip to the doctor may be necessary to ensure you stay healthy abroad. Don’t know if you’re required to get one? The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has put together a comprehensive list to check for required and suggested immunizations for every country.

    4. Remember that ATL is one of the country’s busiest airports.
      Plan to arrive 2-3 hours before your scheduled departure. When you get to The Parking Spot 1 on Camp Creek Parkway, enter the covered parking area and follow the signs to the designated International Terminal parking spaces. One of our friendly drivers will help you with your luggage and get you to the terminal. Shuttles depart to the International Terminal on the hour and half hour continuously.

    5. Upon your return at the International Terminal, call The Parking Spot 1. 
    The number for The Parking Spot 1 is (404) 761-3300 after you’ve cleared customs and claimed your luggage. The Parking Spot shuttle will pick you up on the lower level under the "Park/Ride Shuttles – Orange 2” sign, which is outside the A-1 doors. Know exactly where your shuttle is by using the Find my shuttle feature on The Parking Spot App!

We look forward to sending you off on your upcoming international trip, and hearing all about it when you get back. Happy adventuring!

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