What to Pack for Hunting

In 2013, nearly 14 million people participated in hunting across the country, making the sport more popular than golf. Autumn is prime season for beginners and paid professionals to hunt a variety of birds, including the Thanksgiving turkey. With the right equipment, bird hunters can easily put a quality meal on the holiday table. Gear up for your next trip with hunting pack essentials from The Parking Spot. Learn what to pack for hunting trips in top spots, whether it be in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Michigan, or elsewhere.  
  • Packs: Grab a backpack for multi-day trips, a day pack for a dawn-to-dusk hunts, or a simple fanny pack for shorter journeys.
  • Water Bottle: Bring a bottle that closes and can attach to your pack.
  • Hunting License and Tags: Carry these in a waterproof bag and make sure they’re easily accessible.
  • Gun: In the fall, most turkeys are less than half the size of a mature bird and can be hunted with a 12-gauge gun or smaller.
  • Ammo: Fall hunting requires a lighter load than spring hunting.
  • Hunting Boots: Choose sturdy, comfortable boots with extra support for more strenuous trips.
  • Binoculars: Grab a lighter, more compact set for fall hunting trips.
  • Flagging Tape: Use flagging tape to map out the path to the downed bird.
  • Game Bags: Keep the dirt off the meat with breathable bags.
  • Vinyl or Latex Gloves: These make clean-up easy.
  • Decoy: A lightweight decoy helps ease birds into shooting distance.
  • Paracord: The cord can be used for hanging meat, butchering, or even shelter.
  • Rain Gear: Stay dry in all types of weather with adequate rain gear
  • Survival Kit: Pack one that’s complete with matches, first aid kit, mild painkillers, and a compass.
  • Bug Repellent: Trekking through the woods can lead to unwanted bites.
  • Snacks: Don’t let your stomach hold you back from catching the perfect bird.
  • Turkey Calls: Coax the bird into the range by mimicking its language.
Start packing for a turkey hunting trip with these essentials. Where are you going to catch your holiday bird this year?
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