Airplane Essentials

It’s hard to be excited for an exotic vacation when a long flight is standing between you and a warm sandy beach. Having the right airplane essentials can help ease the pain of a six-hour flight and start your vacation off stress-free. In order to help make your travel seamless, we’ve come up with a list of handy tips on how to pack for a flight. Start planning for your next long flight with this list of tips and essential items.
  • Extra outfit: Airlines can be unreliable with your checked bags. Be prepared for lost baggage with an extra pair of clothes in your carry-on. If you’re going on a beach trip, pack a bathing suit as well.
  • Warm socks and a sweatshirt: Being cold can make a long flight miserable. Stay comfortable with warm clothing.
  • Books, music, or movies: Bring something to do to make the flight go by quicker. If you’re traveling with young children, make sure they have activities to keep them occupied.
  • Hand lotion and lip balm: Airplanes are very dry and can cause your hands and lips to crack. Prevent rough skin and dry lips by applying hand lotion and lip balm throughout the flight.
  • Portable phone charger: Phone batteries don’t always last an entire flight, especially if you’re listening to music or playing games on your phone. Make sure you have enough juice to keep your phone working after you land.
  • Snacks: Airplane food is limited. Stock up on your favorite snacks beforehand to keep your stomach from rumbling.
  • Water bottle: The dry air can also cause dehydration on a long flight. It’s important to drink a lot of water so you land feeling refreshed and ready to go. Bring a water bottle so you don’t have to keep asking a flight attendant to refill a small airplane cup.
  • Travel pillow: A travel pillow can help you avoid a stiff neck and enhance your sleep.
As a general tip, make sure not to overstuff your carry-on luggage. When trying to catch a flight, you don’t want your bag to drag you down. Make sure your carry-on luggage is as small as possible so it’s easy to travel with and can fit in the overhead space. There’s no need to stress for your next long flight with these airplane essentials and tips on how to pack for a flight. What do you usually bring on an airplane?
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