Halloween in Salem

Salem, Massachusetts was made famous by the Salem witch trials of 1692.  Nineteen people were hanged in this town due to their supposed involvement with witchcraft, and many others suffered because of the witch hysteria.  The dark history of Salem makes it an ideal place to visit for Halloween, and there are many Salem Halloween events that you are welcome to attend.  Check out Salem’s Haunted Happenings:

Salem Witch Museum Visit the Salem Witch Museum to learn more about the history of the Salem witch trials and to find out why the witch hunt ever began.  This museum has narrated sets, and guides will serve as great resources for everything witch related. The Witch House Come see the Witch House, which was owned by Judge Jonathan Corwin.  Corwin was involved with the Court of Oyer and Terminer, which condemned the accused witches to the gallows.  This is the only building that is left in Salem that has some kind of relation to the Salem witch trials. 1692 Salem Witchcraft Walk Walk around Salem to learn even more about the Salem witch trials.  Salem has a variety of different types of tours that you can take advantage of—from tours led by a witch to trolley tours.  There’s bound to be a tour that suits you when you spend Halloween in Salem. Salem Witch Trials Memorial To pay your respects to those who died because of the witch hysteria, visit the Salem Witch Trials Memorial.  Twenty granite benches represent the accused witches here, so that they will be remembered throughout history. Salem also has a carnival, a number of haunted houses, live music, and more Salem Halloween events.  Come celebrate Halloween in Salem and explore what this town has to offer!
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