Visit These Famous Halloween Attractions for an Outing of Fun and Fright

It’s that time of year again! Candy and costumes galore! So far The Parking Spot has chronicled ghost hunting tours and some of the scariest haunted houses in America, but while you are trying to get the most spooks and scares out of this Halloween season, don’t forget to visit some of the following Halloween attractions and theme parks.   La Llorona at Universal Studios Hollywood, California The entertainment capital of Los Angeles brings the horror with the La Llorona maze at Universal Studios Hollywood. While Universal Studios holds an annual Halloween Horrors Night, only the most petrifying attractions, like La Llorona, are included each year. The theme of this terrifying maze is based upon the 500-year old South American urban legend of “The Weeping Woman: The Child Hunter”.  This Halloween attraction takes visitors through the twists and turns of the disturbing journey of The Weeping Woman. Even though this urban legend grew out of a tale often told to children in South America, Universal Studios cautions visitors that this chilling maze is not recommended for children under 13. Screams Halloween Theme Park, Texas Screams is the world’s largest Halloween theme park. This all-ages park offers 50 acres of terrifying attractions including the Hotel of Horror which is equipped with hidden passageways and spooky guests; the Castle of Darkness that forces visitors to experience the fear of the unknown; 3D Pirates of Peril Point which shows guests the dark side of Pirates in 3-D; the Ghoulish Graveyard which absolutely lives up to its name thanks to the eerie zombies that fill the attraction; and the ever-popular Unkel Koy’s Klown Maze that taunts guests to find their way out while being chased by menacing clowns. Six Flags Fright Fests With 13 parks all over the country to choose from, and more than 30 years of scare experience under its belt, the Fright Fests at Six Flags offers thrill seekers the perfect opportunity to enjoy all that Halloween has to offer, all in one location. All of the Six Flags parks have their own unique Fright Fests with distinctive themes and attractions.  If you’re looking for a Halloween theme park that offers family-friendly Halloween fun with enough attractions to entertain the entire family for a full day, Six Flags is the perfect place to visit. Halloween Time Celebration at Disneyland Resort, California Disneyland offers the perfect Halloween attractions for family entertainment. The Disneyland Halloween celebration features Disney’s popular villains, fun crafts, pumpkin carvers, and everyone’s favorite Disney characters all decked out in their Halloween costumes. Children are invited to join Mickey’s Halloween Party, transform into a pirate, or dance all night long at the Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party. Do more than simply carve a jack-o-lantern and create a massive candy collection this month. Truly embrace the holiday by using The Parking Spot to help you plan a trip to visit these popular Halloween attractions.
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