Green Travel Tips

Happy New Year from The Parking Spot! One of our resolutions for 2014 is to be more environmentally conscious and encourage green travel. Traveling green doesn’t mean you need to spend more money, limit your choice of destinations, or sacrifice comfort. The only requirement of eco travel is a conscious effort to preserve and protect the natural and cultural environment of the place you’re visiting, which might be easier than you think. Check out The Parking Spot’s list of green travel tips to help make sure all of your travels in 2014 are eco-friendly. Packing 1. Pack Light If you’re flying, try to only pack a carry-on. Heavier planes burn more fuel and release more toxic gases into the atmosphere. Sticking to a carry-on will help keep your plane lighter while also saving you money on airline baggage fees. 2. Pack Reusable Travel-Size Toiletries Don’t waste money on store bought travel-size toiletries that will end up in a landfill. Instead, buy a set of empty, reusable travel-size bottles and fill them at home with shampoo, conditioner, sunblock and other products. 3. Pack a Reusable Bottle Plastic bottles often travel thousands of miles before you buy them and are one of the most numerous items found in a landfill. Getting There 4. Book Non-Stop Flights on Fuel-Efficient Aircrafts A significant percentage of a plane’s carbon emissions are generated during takeoff and landing. For a greener travel experience, book a non-stop flight to help reduce carbon emissions and make your travel time faster. You can help reduce carbon emissions even further by choosing a fuel-efficient airplane such as the Boeing 777, Boeing 787 or Airbus 345. 5. Rent a Hybrid Car If you’re planning a road trip, consider renting a hybrid car. Hybrid cars generate fewer emissions, provide better gas mileage, idle less and are more fuel-efficient than regular cars. At Your Destination 6. Use Alternative Methods of Transportation When you’ve arrived at your destination, instead of taking a taxi or renting a car to get around, consider alternative methods of transportation to reduce your carbon footprint. Biking, walking and using public transportation are healthy ways to explore your destination and immerse yourself in the local culture. 7. Buy Local Make an effort to buy local products instead of products that have been shipped in from somewhere else. Buying fruits, veggies and other snacks from farmers’ markets and souvenirs made by local artisans helps support the local vendors and community. Buying locally also may save you money and helps immerse you further in the local culture for a more fulfilling experience. 8. Stay at a Green Hotel Green hotels seek to minimize their impact on the environment by making important improvements to their structures and methods of operation. Characteristics of green hotels may include the use of non-toxic cleaning supplies, organic linens, renewable energy sources, recycling programs, energy-efficient lighting and more. 9. Don’t Forget to Recycle Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you should take a vacation from recycling. Ask your hotel about its recycling program and sort your trash accordingly. And don’t forget that recycling can also apply to bath towels and bed sheets. Reuse your linens instead of having them cleaned every day. 10. Be Responsible in Your Hotel Room Cut down on unnecessary waste by turning off the A/C, heat, TV, lights and any other electric devices when you leave your hotel room. Be conscious of water usage by taking shorter showers and making sure to not run the water while you brush your teeth. Whether looking for green travel tips or other general travel advice, The Parking Spot blog has you covered. Check back soon for more tips and great ways to save on convenient near-airport parking.
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