Going Back to College for Tailgating

With students going back to college this fall comes what many people have been waiting for since January: college football.  The angry fans, enthusiastic cheerleaders, and yelling coaches are only a small part of this great American culture phenomenon that has consumed not only college students, but young and old fans alike.  While most would argue that the main reason for collegiate sports travel is for the football, the tailgate is a whole event in itself.  The Parking Spot has come up with some great ways to throw the best tailgate ever when going back to college. Who: It really is “the more the merrier” in this situation, so don’t forget to invite friends and family from a further distance to join for a mini vacation.  Also, invite current students and tell them to bring friends as well.  Ask all invitees to bring snacks or beverages so that everyone is well fed. What: Nowadays, there are a great deal of accessories to bring to a tailgate. While those are fun, if you do not have the room, it is always okay to stick to the basics.  Folding lawn chairs, a set of corn hole, and food is always a great place to start.  Depending on how much room you have and what kind of food you want to bring, a mini grill is a good option as well. Where: At some universities and colleges across the country, fans will stake out their spot days before the main event.  Having a great location is key to creating an inviting and fun atmosphere this football season.  You want to make sure that your spot is close enough to the stadium so that you are able to walk there once it is game time, or run out for drinks and food during the half-time break.  You also want to make sure that it is easy to find and get to so that all your friends and family are able to join.  Consider having a large flag so guests can easily find you; however, make sure to have something that stands out of the crowd and not just another flag for your specific team. When: This really depends on the culture of the school that you are planning on going to, how late in the season, and how well the team is doing.  Make sure that you figure out where you are able to set up your tailgate and when the lots open.  Some places open the day before the game to set up larger vehicles for a tailgate, while others open just a few hours before the game.  Make sure to talk to people who have had a successful tailgate in the past to get some advice on the best time to arrive. Football season is always a busy and exciting time with students going back to college.  The Parking Spot hopes that you have an enjoyable and winning season, as well as a successful tailgate!
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