Take a Food Tour of Your Favorite Cities

Do you follow tons of restaurants on social networks? Are you a regular at all the new popular eateries in your area? Do you care about your food’s story? If you fit this description, The Parking Spot wants to nourish your inner foodie by giving you a guide to the hottest food tours and foodie vacations. So grab your friends and head to your nearest The Parking Spot location to visit some of these delicious foodie locations.

San Francisco, CA

When many people think of the origin of the term “foodie”, the city that often comes to mind is San Francisco. The “California-style” of cooking, which boasts the use of sustainable, seasonal ingredients, is now a popular theme among many restaurants around the country, making San Francisco one of the most highly regarded locations for foodie vacations. Whether you’re checking out the food truck scene which started in California, or want to try something different at one of the thousands of top-rated, authentic ethnic restaurants in the area, taking a food tour of San Francisco will definitely feed your foodie appetite. Foodie Fame: The beautiful, warm weather in San Francisco makes it the perfect location for ice cream shops. Smitten Ice Cream decided to take this cold treat to the next level by not only utilizing local, seasonal ingredients, but also making each order fresh, from scratch, in seconds. With a little liquid nitrogen, and the California-style of cooking, these delicious treats have revolutionized the way people eat ice cream.

Chicago, IL

The Windy City has been known as a popular foodie vacation spot for quite a while, but these days it’s famous for more than just its tantalizing deep dish pizza and hot dogs that have been “dragged through the garden”. What makes Chicago the perfect food tour location is the wide array of authentic foods available and the hunger and creativity of the cutting-edge chefs who work hard to show visitors there is nothing second place about this city’s food. Foodie Fame: Sure you can find a doughnut at any local coffee shop, but in Chicago you can find what The Daily Meal ranked the best doughnut in the country. Head over to The Doughnut Vault to get one of the award-winning plain glazed doughnuts. What makes this delicious treat even more foodie-friendly is that The Doughnut Vault also has a popular food truck. Follow The Doughnut Vault on Twitter to see where you can find the truck.

New York City, NY

Many people consider the Big Apple to be the food mecca of the country. With thousands of restaurants, foodies are sure to find meals to fit any taste or budget. The gourmet grocery stores that allow foodies to cook like the pros, restaurants run by celebrity chefs, and bakeries that satisfy every food trend from raw food to gluten-free, make NYC a dream town for foodies. Foodie Fame: NYC is the birthplace of the “Cronut”. The croissant and doughnut hybrid that took the world by storm in 2013 was concocted by James Beard Outstanding Pasty Chef finalist, Dominique Ansel. Get your hands on one of these unique pastries by visiting the Dominique Ansel Bakery (be warned: foodies often stand in line an hour or more before the bakery opens), getting on the pre-order list (which is no easy feat), or emailing the bakery for 50 or more Cronuts. Let your stomach lead the way and plan food tours that will create mouthwatering memories. Remember to book your near-airport parking reservations at The Parking Spot to make traveling on these foodie vacations as easy as pie.
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