Relive the First Thanksgiving Meal

In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared a feast that we now acknowledge as the first Thanksgiving meal.  More than three centuries later we have evolved that celebration into our own traditions. Many New England towns are now trying to honor that first celebration with annual Thanksgiving reenactments for those Americans interested in learning about the history of Thanksgiving. America’s Hometown “Portal to the Past” Historic Village The weekend before Thanksgiving, take the family and visit “America’s Hometown,” also known as Plymouth, Massachusetts.  America’s Hometown offers you the unique experience of traveling back in time to the early 17th century and our nation’s first Thanksgiving meal.  You begin your journey with Native People and European settlers discussing the 1621 gathering. Costumed demonstrations from the 17th to 20th centuries allow you to immerse yourself in some of our nation’s most historical moments, and let you learn about America’s history with detailed accounts of those who actually were there! Old Sturbridge Village In Sturbridge, Massachusetts every weekend in November is dedicated to putting on a 19th century Thanksgiving meal. Not only can you experience a Thanksgiving reenactment, but you can see how Thanksgiving food was prepared. Watch turkeys roasting by the fire as costumed interpreters explain how Thanksgiving dining customs differ from those we use today. To coincide with the first Thanksgiving meal, you can visit with the Indian Doctress and listen to her share the traditions of Native Americans and how they incorporate their own Thanksgiving customs to the holiday. Plimoth Plantation Enjoy a harvest dinner Pilgrim-style at Plimoth Plantation, also in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  Plimoth Plantation offers an array of themed dining options to celebrate the first Thanksgiving meal.  You can choose the meal that teaches you 17th century table manners that the Pilgrims brought to Plymouth, enjoy a traditional Wampanoag feast, or enjoy a taste of two cultures with a combination of both Native and Pilgrim cuisine, such as “Sobaheg” or native stew, and roast foul with sauce. This Thanksgiving, combine your family’s traditions with those of the original and first Americans to celebrate the first Thanksgiving meal.  Travel to various locations in the United States to witness Thanksgiving reenactments, and learn about our nation’s early history, culture, and traditions. Remember to utilize The Parking Spot for all of your family travels!  
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