Hartford Airport Parking FAQs

Loyalty Program 

Will I keep my StarCard reward points?
-Yes! If you were a member of Roncari Valet’s reward program, you will need to sign up with The Parking Spot’s loyalty program, The Spot Club. Go to and create an account by using your StarCard email address. Any points you may have accrued with Roncari Valet will be transferred to your Spot Club account by the end of October. If you sign-up after October, please allow 24 hours for the points to show up in your Spot Club account. StarCard members will need to sign-up for the Spot Club by October 31st, 2020 to have their points transferred.

What is the StarCard point conversion to Spot Club points?
-For every StarCard point you will receive 40 Spot Club points.

Do I have to sign up for The Spot Club?
-Joining the Spot Club program is not mandatory, but is necessary to transfer your StarCard rewards points. You will also accrue 5 parking points for every parking $1 spent when you scan your Spot Club account at check-out. So in as few as 7 paid days, you can earn 1 free day of parking!  

Is there a fee to join The Spot Club?
-No. The Spot Club is free.

How can I join The Spot Club?
-Visit or for easier entry/exit download The Parking Spot App on iOS and Android devices. 

Why should I download The Parking Spot App?
-Not only is the Parking Spot App the easiest way to enter and exit the facility, but you can also make reservations, track shuttles in real-time, see upcoming stays, and view account information directly on the app. 

-We recommend adding a payment method for seamless entry. You can update your payment methods on the app by logging in, tap on Spot Club Account, and then tap on My Payment Method to add a credit or debit card.

-We also recommend adding your vehicle information on The Parking Spot App by tapping "My Account" icon on the top right corner scroll down until you see the "My Information" section, tap " My Vehicles", add new vehicle, and enter your information and tap save.

Should I use my StarCard or Spot Club account at check-in/out?
-Please sign up for the Spot Club and scan your Spot Club QR code at check-in/out.

What is the difference between the StarCard and The Spot Club?
-Instead of earning 1 point per day, you will earn 5 points for every parking $1 spent. This means the more you spend, the more you earn and the closer you are to free parking!

-You can also choose when and how to use your points. For example, with the StarCard, you needed to redeem all your points at once for a single stay up to 7 days.  With the Spot Club, you can redeem as you go! If you have enough points to cover 3 days of parking and you want to use them on a 3 day stay, great! If you want to use them for only 1 day of a 3 day trip, that’s fine, too!

How do I redeem my points for free parking?
-You must create a reservation to redeem points at The Parking Spot. Once you have registered with The Spot Club, you will need to login to your account and select “Redeem Points” a yellow and black button on the right hand side of your Member Homepage. Choose your location as well as your dates and times of your entire trip and select the parking type. You will then be able to click on the days you would like covered by your points. Then, once you click “Complete My Reservation”, your award certificate will be generated and the points will be removed from your account immediately. A confirmation email will also be sent to you.
-Starting in 2020, elite Spot Club members will be able to use points to redeem for an exterior hand wash once per year.


How do I make a valet airport parking reservation?
-Visit or download The Parking Spot App to make reservations.

Can I make a reservation on The Parking Spot’s website?
-Yes, visit or download The Parking Spot App to make reservations

Do I need to make a reservation for Hartford airport parking at The Parking Spot?
-A reservation will always guarantee you the best price. Reservations are strongly recommended, but they are not required if space is still available. Reservations are particularly encouraged around major travel holidays. 


Will the prices change?
-We always offer competitive rates that may change from time to time.  To receive the best price, make a reservation at
Will I still receive my corporate, AAA, or military discount?
-Yes, please continue to show your AAA membership card, corporate or military/government badge/ID to the valet attendant to receive your discount. For corporate discounts, you will need to create a Spot Club Exec account by 2020. Please reach out to for more information.

I have a Sam’s Club/BJ’s/Costco membership, do I receive a discount?
-Sam’s Club, BJ’s, and Costco members receive 10% off. However, we always offer competitive rates that may change from time to time.  

I am part of the Express program, will I still receive my benefits?

I have a Prestige Hang-tag, will I still receive covered parking at the uncovered price?
-Yes, to continue to receive the prestige benefit please return your hang-tag to a cashier upon returning from your trip. The cashier will document your contact information and link your prestige status to a Spot Club account.  


Are the hours of operations changing?
-No, we will still operate 24/7


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