Sink a hole-in-one at these Famous Golf Courses!

While there are thousands of golf courses within the U.S. to choose from, only a select few consistently top the best golf course lists that are created by esteemed golf magazines such as Golf Digest and Golf Magazine. The Parking Spot can help you decide which famous golf courses are worth visiting to make your next tee time memorable. Pine Valley, New Jersey Mysterious and exclusive, this famous golf course ranks as the top golf course in the world year after year. Aside from its distinctive character and magnificent design, this course is unique because it is its own municipality. Complete with its own police force, this sandy course embodies a devoted quality that is unmatched. Traveling: The nearest major airport to Pine Valley is Philadelphia International Airport. Tip: Not a member but still want to see this celebrated golf course? While the course is known for its members only accessibilityand all guests must be personally invited and accompanied by a member at all times, the final day of the Crump Cup is the one day a year where the public has access to the course. Consider visiting Pine Valley during the Crump Cup, which is typically held in September, to get a glance of this mystical course. Cypress Point, California This semi-private golf course, which is set in the beautiful coastal dunes, gained worldwide notoriety for its unsurpassed natural beauty and back-to-back par 3s at #15 and signature hole #16, which requires a shot over the breathtaking Pacific Ocean. Equipped with restaurants and venues for private events, the Cypress Point Club is known as one of famous golf course designer Alister MacKenzie’s best work. Traveling:  There are several airport options to get to Monterey County, California. Options include flying into San Francisco International Airport or San Jose International Airport. Small charter flights also connect to Monterey Peninsula Airport. Tip: Make the most out of your trip by enjoying the many events that are hosted in the area throughout the year such as golf tournaments, Pebble Beach Food and Wine, and the premier car event, Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Augusta National, Georgia This remarkable golf course has been home to the Masters Tournament since 1934 and is notorious for the creatively named holes, as well as the long-lived traditions that the club follows. While each hole is named after a flowering shrub or tree, the most mystical name is that of the Amen Corner. The Amen Corner refers to the 11th, 12th, and 13th holes, and is named after the jazz record by the Dorsey Brothers Orchestra titled, “Shouting in that Amen Corner.” Though the club has made many changes since its inception, it remains a true piece of golf history. Traveling:   Traveling to Augusta is a rather easy feat. Simply fly into Augusta Regional Airport at Bush Field which is a just a few miles from the center of Augusta and Augusta National golf course. Tip: One thing that truly sets this golf club apart is its location. Unlike other famous golf courses, Augusta has a booming city that is full of attractions and entertainment for the entire family. When you aren’t busy golfing, dive into the local history of the area by visiting the Augusta Museum of History, or simply take a relaxing stroll down the historic Augusta Riverwalk, which is located on the Savannah River. Whether you are taking a much needed vacation or simply want to work on your golf skills, these famous golf courses are the top places in the country to go to view a piece of golf history. Remember to utilize The Parking Spot when flying to these golf courses to save money and start your trip on the right foot.
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