Travel Ideas for Family Vacation Destinations

The reasons to plan a family trip are endless. Whether you want to establish new family traditions, create unforgettable memories, educate your children, or simply need a vacation yourself, family trips can be wonderful for countless reasons. However, when you are thinking of travel ideas with kids in mind, finding the perfect location that will be entertaining for the children and adults can be difficult, especially because not all destinations are ideally suited for family travel. You will definitely want to pick a location that has attractions and activities for children along with sights that adults find interesting. It is also important to choose a family vacation destination that will provide the comfort and convenience you need to make your trip as stress-free as possible. While it can be daunting to find a trip that works with your budget and lifestyle, it is possible if you do a bit of research and planning first. Check out the following family vacation destinations to get ideas for your next trip: The Oldies but Goodies - Florida & California: The great weather and beautiful beaches make Florida and California prime travel destinations for all types of travelers. What typically makes these locations extremely popular for family vacations are the famous Disney theme parks. If you have younger children, it is great to have a chance to cherish this time in their lives with them by giving them lasting magical memories at a Disney park. Look for travel packages and Disney deals to make your trip more affordable. With the popularity of theme parks, it may seem as though they are the only options for family vacations. However, this is definitely not the case. Outdoor destinations and big cities also make great family travel destinations. Outdoor Destinations Outdoor-focused trips are the perfect family vacation destinations because they mix amazing scenery and fun activities with the opportunity to also teach your children about the surroundings and wildlife. A few outdoor destinations and options to consider include:
  • National parks such as the Grand Canyon
  • Ski resorts such as the Snowbird resort in Utah
  • Ranches
  • Campsites
Big Cities Other great options for traveling with kids that sometimes get overlooked are trips to big cities. While big cities make most think of business travel, they are great for family vacations as well. Cities such as Chicago and New York offer a multitude of museums, historic neighborhoods, popular sporting events, amazing food culture, plays, zoos, lakes and more. Don’t count out cities as family vacation options! The key to planning a great family vacation is to remember that the options are endless. Whether you decide to pick a kid-friendly theme park, an outdoor jaunt, or a trip to a bustling city, the time spent with your family and the unforgettable memories created there will be the same in any location. Also don’t forget that whenever you are flying, park at one of our airport parking locations to make ground transportation a breeze!
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