Entering and Exiting our Facilities just got Easier

Step 1. Download the Parking Spot App on iOS or Android

Step 2. Sign-up for a Spot Club Account
-Tap “register” when first opening the app, or just sign-in if you’re already a member
-Fill out the required information
-You’re all set!

If you are part of a corporate account, use your corporate weblink to create a Spot Club Exec account

Step 3. Add a credit card to your Spot Club Account
-Tap the “My Account” icon on the top right corner
-Scroll down until you see the “My Spot Club Card” section
-Tap “Add a Credit Card”
-Confirm your address and fill out the necessary credit card information

Step 4. How to enter & exit the facility with your smartphone
-Pull up to the column, have your Spot Club QR code ready (in “My Account”)
-Place phone in barcode reader
-Scan and go!
Tip: Save your virtual Spot Club card to your Apple Wallet

Must enter with Spot Club QR code to ensure a smoother check-in/out process

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