Eco-Friendly Hotels and Resorts for Your Green Vacation

Earth Day was created in 1970 by a US Senator to be an environmental teach-in to raise awareness for the health of our planet, and has since been expanded into an entire week.  Today, more than 192 countries participate in the global event. Environmental health is one of the most important issues facing us today.Going green is something that communities, cities, countries and worldwide organizations are now embracing. While Earth Week is a global movement, all movements are powered by the efforts of individuals, and you can help make a contribution on your own.Whether it is using energy efficient light bulbs, recycling or only using green products, we all can make a difference. In today’s green world, you can expand your commitment to environmental friendliness to all aspects of your life, including where you go on vacation. There are eco-friendly resorts everywhere, and The Parking Spot has picked out some of the best in the United States just for you: Bardessono This luxurious resort gives visitors a true taste of California’s famous Napa Valley. The eco-friendly hotel is home to the delicious Lucy Restaurant & Bar, a spa, and is close to many of the famous vineyards in the Napa area. What sets Bardessono apart from other resorts in this area is its commitment to being green.  From non-toxic and non-allergic construction materials to organic linens and cleaning products, attention to detail makes this hotel environmentally friendly. Even the products and ingredients used in the restaurant and spa are sourced from local organic and sustainable producers. Lodge at Sun Ranch This eco-friendly resort in the Madison Valley of Montana is the epitome of a green vacation and is perfect for anyone who loves fishing, hiking or any other outdoor activities. As a part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, the Lodge at Sun Ranch immerses visitors in the beauty of nature. Nearly all of the ranch’s grounds are under conservation easement, which is why it is home to wildlife including elk, moose, wolves and more. The produce is organic, the meat is free-range, and the lodge is ideal for an eco-friendly vacation. WildSpring Guest Habitat Tucked near the coast of the Pacific Ocean, this resort in southern Oregon has a zero carbon footprint. If you are looking for a quiet and relaxing outdoor vacation, WildSpring is perfect. It has five luxurious cabins that have massive ocean views. This small resort with beautiful views is great for someone trying to make an eco-friendly choice. Start making changes in your own life to take part in Earth Week. Being conscious of the products you buy and visiting eco-friendly hotels and resorts is an easy way to be environmentally friendly. Let The Parking Spot help you plan an eco-friendly vacation as a part of Earth Week.
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