Cheapest Days to Fly and Book Flights

With just a little planning ahead, travelers can save some serious cash when booking a trip. The secret? Shop around and be flexible!

While many people have a favorite airline, be sure to check as many as possible before booking. When the itinerary isn’t set in stone, many travel sites will allow users to search for flexible dates, making it easy to find the cheapest times to fly, as well as the cheapest days to fly. Those typically align with the least busy travel days – Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

When it’s possible to plan far in advance of an upcoming trip, travelers can take advantage of the cheapest months to fly. Generally speaking, airfare will increase in the summer months due to increased travel, but flying by the end of June usually assures a decent rate. When it comes to travel in the winter months, plan for a trip after the holidays when fares are low, and avoid the bump in airfare that usually occurs around mid-February.

And for people who love racking up those credit card points, putting a little thought into the booking process can lead to big savings. Writers like The Points Guy have identified a number of ways to fly both domestically and internationally for much less than the sticker price, making that dream trip a reality.

Of course, we love helping people save money on their travels too! When you book your flight, be sure to check our coupons page to save a little cash before parking at the airport. For even more savings, the Spot Club awards a free day for parking in as little as seven paid days! Combine that with strategically thinking about the cheapest time to fly, and your travel budget just got a lot easier to manage. We hope to see you at The Parking Spot soon!

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