Cheap Ways to Travel

Finding cheap ways to travel is a task that is definitely easier said than done. While making reasonable airport reservations and booking a cheap flight may seem like a daunting task, by knowing which days to book, and having a few helpful tips in mind, you can find great ways to save on flights.
  1. The best tip to help you save on flights is to book in advance when you can. While last minute trips are at times unavoidable, if you are planning an annual trip, or know that a specific trip will occur at some point during the year, start planning. As a rule of thumb, suggests trying to book flights at least seven weeks in advance for domestic flights and 11 to 12 weeks in advance for international flights.
  2. One fee that many people may not realize that they pay is a booking fee. Book your flight online, rather than over the phone to save.
  3. If you are traveling in a group, avoid looking for seats right next to each other. While sitting together as a group may be more comfortable, single seats are usually easier to find and tend to cost less.
  4. The day of the week truly does make a difference when trying to book a cheap flight. Most airlines release their sales on Tuesday afternoon. Tuesdays, Wednesday and Saturdays are usually the least expensive day to book a flight, so always be on the lookout for great flight deals on those days.
  5. Utilize travel sites to find cheap ways to travel. Set up alerts or sign up for e-newsletters from travel sites so that you are constantly updated on the price of your flight. While these sites are a great way to find the lowest fares, the airlines typically pay a slight fee to be listed on these sites, making the flights found on deal sites slightly more expensive. Always book your flight directly through the airline’s official site to ensure that you pay less.
  6. Travel in the off-season. Remember that the off-season is different depending on the destination so be sure to do your research beforehand.
  7. Follow your flight even after you have booked it. Some airlines offer guaranteed airfare policies which allow you to receive a refund if the price of your flight drops. According to Jeff Pecor, communications director at travel site, customers who book at least 60 days in advance of their flight are eligible for an airline refund about 11 percent of the time. Take advantage of this opportunity to save.
  8. Have a flexible outlook when it comes to looking for flights. Be willing to take flights with layovers or fly into a nearby airport. Flights with a few stops sometimes cost significantly less than direct flights.
  9. Take into consideration the baggage fees when comparison shopping. Add the baggage fee cost to the airfare before you compare the cost of flights between different airlines.
  10. Check to see if the airline offers a discount that you can utilize. Many airlines offer deals for college students, military personnel, senior citizens, or club members, so always inquire about available deals before booking your flight.
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