Inexpensive Summer Vacations for Couples

Vacations can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t afford an amazing getaway.  These summer vacation ideas for couples will spark your imagination and help you to start planning a trip that you won’t forget—without costing you your life savings. Go Camping If you love the outdoors, then a camping vacation might be your cup of tea.  Camping will save you from shelling out big bucks at a hotel, while still being able to explore a new part of the country.  There are lots of options when it comes to camping because there are campsites all across the United States.  There are even camping grounds in Hawaii!  Hawaii is notorious for being expensive, but camping could make this dream vacation a reality.  There’s also no denying that Hawaii makes for a romantic summer vacation idea for couples. Orlando is another unexpected camping location.  By camping, instead of staying in a hotel, you will still be able to enjoy nature, while spending your days on wild roller coasters at the nearby amusement parks. Make it a Long weekend A second way to save money on vacations is to cut down on the number of days that you’re gone.  You can still take a fabulous vacation without breaking the bank.  Las Vegas makes for a great place to go for a weekend, and New York becomes much more affordable when six days at a hotel is cut down to two.  In addition, costs for meals will be more affordable on a long weekend getaway than for a week vacation.  Long weekends are great trips for couples because they can be planned spur of the moment—families usually need more time to make plans. Book a Hotel or Cabin with a Kitchen A third cheap vacation option for couples is booking a hotel or cabin with a kitchen.  You can save money on eating out by cooking your meals in your hotel kitchen.  If you stay in Florida, throw some fresh fish into a pan or enjoy fresh shrimp.  Sometimes regional grocery stores carry different types of food than what you might find at home so cooking can become an adventure.  Couples could try cooking new dishes together and try recipes that they’ve never made to make meals more fun. There are many different options for inexpensive summer trips so don’t write a vacation off just yet.  If you do your research, you’re sure to find a trip that works for your budget.  
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