NFL Travel Tips for Going to Watch the Big Game

If you’re traveling to the Big Game this year, huddle up and use the following NFL travel tips from The Parking Spot to make your NFL trip an unforgettable experience.

Getting to the Big Game The Parking Spot has locations to get you close to the Big Game, including LaGuardia Airport parking and Newark Airport parking spots. Once you make it to the New York or New Jersey area, you will need to figure out exactly how you will make it to the famous cold-weather stadium. If you weren’t lucky enough to get your hands on the now sold-out parking passes, it’s important that you take time to figure out how you will get to and from the game. One popular means of transportation that many fans are taking advantage of is the Fan Express bus system. This option takes fans directly to the stadium. Another transportation option to help fans get to the Big Game is the NJ Transit. The NJ Transit has created a special pass called the “Super Pass” that gives travelers unlimited trips from January 27th – February 3rd on all NJ Transit and Access Link services. This special pass includes trips from Newark Liberty International Airport and New York City. Travelers can also purchase a round-trip train ticket that will only take them to and from the stadium. Other Things to Do Once You’re in Town The NFL Championship week is full of exciting activities to help keep fans entertained even when they aren’t watching the Big Game. Once you make it to the area, consider checking out some of the following activities to make your NFL trip one you’ll never forget: The Boulevard Thousands of fans will visit the famous Boulevard. This popular site is the temporary home of the Lombardi Trophy. There is also a large sign commemorating the Big Game where fans can take pictures and get autographs from celebrities. Concerts This big NFL travel week will also be filled with tons of concerts headlined by popular performers such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kendrick Lamar, Foo Fighters and the Zac Brown Band. Head over to for a complete list of all the music action that is taking place throughout the week. Make the most out of your Big Game and NFL travel experience by having a game plan ahead of time. Remember that you can always score a travel touchdown by booking your near-airport parking reservations at The Parking Spot. Enjoy the Big Game!
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