Get Your Grub on with the Best Tailgate Food in America!

If there’s one thing college students look forward to during football season, it’s the extravagant tailgates full of fun, friends and delicious food. The history of tailgating dates all the way back to the late 1800s. Today, colleges across the country have worked hard at not only hosting the best college football tailgates, but also utilizing local flavors and dishes to create the best tailgate food around. Below are several schools that The Parking Spot found that are taking it further than the typical hot dog and hamburger tailgate cuisine to create some of the best college football tailgate food in the country. Louisiana State University Louisiana is known for its famous creole and Cajun cuisine, so it should come as no surprise that the Louisiana State University tailgates are packed with famous dishes that are popular throughout the bayou. Two popular LSU tailgate menu items include mini muffulettas and cochon de lait. Mini muffulettas are the perfect handheld tailgate sandwich because they are easy to assemble, yet still pack on the flavor thanks to its signature olive spread. Cochon de lait, or suckling pig, is a bit more out of the box as far as tailgate fare goes, but it has become an old tradition that fans look forward to. LSU fans also never forget to serve up some of the state’s staple dishes such as gumbo, and even succulent crawfish boils which are often saved for special occasions such as season openers and championships. University of Alabama at Birmingham & the University of Memphis While southern schools may not agree on which college has the best football team, one thing they all can agree on is that some of the best tailgate food of the south is easily the delicious barbecue. The University of Alabama at Birmingham and the University of Memphis took their rivalry to the next level in 2006 when they introduced the Battle for the Bones competition, equipped with a 100-pound bronze ribs trophy and a cash prize that goes to the best barbecue of the day. From Alabama signature hickory wood-fueled barbecue to Memphis traditional slow-cooked pork barbeque accompanied by its classic tangy sauce, these two schools definitely do not take their barbecue lightly. University of Mississippi A tailgate at the University of Mississippi is like taking a trip to fried food paradise. A typical Ole Miss tailgate consists of signature southern-fried dishes such as fried okra, chicken and fish, to more rich and creative dishes such as fried Oreos. While Ole Miss tailgates are not exactly diet-friendly, they are filled with the type of food that pairs well with the drinks that are typically served at tailgates. University of Wisconsin-Madison While the Dairy State is famous for its cheese, its signature bratwurst sausages aren’t far behind in popularity. Served on traditional Sheboygan hard rolls, and topped with the signature Wisconsin German-style mustard, grilled bratwurst are the delicious way for University of Wisconsin students to stay warm by the grill fire while eating a piece of savory history. Arizona State University Often ranked as one of the top party schools in the country, Arizona State University tailgates are known to live up to that reputation. Due to Arizona’s close proximity to the Mexican state of Sonora, and the state’s early Native American inhabitants, Arizona’s cuisine blends Mexican and traditional Native American cuisine that create a delicious fare that is perfect for tailgating. Typical ASU tailgates serve chips and salsa, steak burritos, flavorful queso and tacos. Make the most out of football season by enjoying some of the best college football tailgate food in the country. Remember, before you embark on your next tailgate journey, start your trip off the right way by booking your parking reservations with The Parking Spot to save money on airport parking.
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