The Best NFL Stadiums

While our list of the best college football stadiums showcases how truly remarkable many college football fields in the U.S. are, one can only imagine how stellar the best NFL football stadiums must be. Even though there are an abundance of NFL stadiums throughout the country, a few truly stand out above the rest. See what teams made our list. Green Bay Packers, Lambeau Field Often called “the crown jewel of the National Football League”, Lambeau Field, which is named after Green Bay Packer’s founder, player and coach Curly Lambeau, is one of the most prized NFL football stadiums. When it comes to stadium nicknames, few have the ferocious history to back their nicknames up like Lambeau Field. Dubbed “The Frozen Tundra” after a game in 1957 against the Dallas Cowboys, which was played in -15 degree weather, and Titletown USA for the now 13 championship titles that the Packers have won, it’s easy to see why Lambeau Field is a stadium to be reckoned with. Dallas Cowboys, AT&T Stadium (formerly known as Cowboys Stadium) The old saying that “everything is bigger in Texas” is truly exemplified in AT&T Stadium, which is one of the largest in the NFL, the largest domed stadium in the world, and home to the world’s largest video board. Equipped with out-of-this-world architecture and technology to match, this stadium is definitely worthy of being the home of “America’s Team.” New York Giants/New York Jets, MetLife Stadium Located in the swamps of the Meadowlands, MetLife Stadium is the most expensive stadium, and largest in terms of available seating in the world. While this field is the only stadium that is home to two different NFL teams, the design of the field allows for a completely unique look and totally different game day experience for each team. Chicago Bears, Soldier Field What Soldier Field lacks in size, it definitely makes up for in design and historic significance. Named in honor of American soldiers, birthplace of the Special Olympic Games, and built to replicate Greek architecture, this grandfather of NFL stadiums is filled with a deep history which Chicago Bears fans cherish. The best NFL stadiums are more than just fields where football players battle it out. These stadiums are filled with robust history, and loyal fans that pride themselves on being able to fill the stands every game day to support the teams they grew up on. With renovations set in place to create even more out-of-this-world NFL stadiums, fans all over the country are already making plans to travel to see some of the NFL’s future stadium masterpieces. If you are one of these fans, be sure to book your airport parking reservations at The Parking Spot for cheap airport parking and a comfortable parking experience that will make your game day excursions a breeze.
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