Visiting the Best College Campuses

As fall semester kicks off at college campuses across the U.S. in September, another rite of passage is also underway: the college visit. September is prime time for potential students to visit the best college campuses with their families. Many students consider the overall campus setting when choosing which college to visit. Since there are many beautiful college campuses across the country, The Parking Spot has come up with a list of the most scenic to help narrow down your list. Lewis & Clark College Situated at the top of Palatine Hill, Lewis & Clark College stretches across 130-plus acres in Portland, Oregon. Though it was originally established in Albany, Oregon, the institution switched locations in 1938 to surround the charming Frank Manor House, an early 20th-century mansion with more than 30 rooms. The campus is also adjacent to the Tryon Creek State Natural Area—an Oregon state park—which has inspired the college to make all campus buildings LEED certified. Northwestern University Northwestern University’s suburban campus is located on the edge of Lake Michigan in Evanston, Illinois. With historic architecture ranging from Gothic to modern, the university is full of picturesque buildings, including University Hall, a Victorian Gothic-style structure built in 1869. Aside from enjoying views of the water and architecture, students can spend time walking through the trees and flowers sprinkled across the 240-acre campus. University of Colorado Boulder Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, University of Colorado Boulder stands out for its mountain-peak views and rustic red brick buildings. Architect Charles Klauder designed many of the university’s buildings with local sandstone and limestone; red-tiled roofs add to the natural aesthetic. More traditional buildings also populate the campus, including Old Main (the first building on campus) and the Neo-Gothic Mackey Auditorium. Pepperdine University Pepperdine’s Malibu-based campus is 830 acres of palm trees, white-colored buildings, and panoramic oceanfront. The Mediterranean-inspired architecture is situated in front of a Pacific Ocean backdrop, creating a warm, tropical vibe. The Phillips Theme Tower, one of the university’s more modern structures, is a well-known building surrounded by immense greenery. Originally founded in Los Angeles in 1937, Pepperdine was moved to Malibu in 1972 after the charming campus was built.  Travel to the best college campuses across the country this September!  What's on your list of most beautiful college campuses?
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