Baseball Tours at the Hall of Fame

Baseball fans around the world are preparing to mourn the end of the MLB season. However, you can still get your baseball fix by traveling to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame. Let The Parking Spot help you plan a baseball tour that is sure to be a home run with your family and friends. First Base – Traveling to the Baseball Hall of Fame The Baseball Hall of Fame is located in central New York state in the beautiful lakeside village of Cooperstown. The village is located in the middle of four different airports: Albany International Airport, Greater Binghamton Airport, Syracuse Handcock International Airport and Sidney Municipal Airport, which is available for small aircrafts. Tip: Before you go, be sure to check out the Hall of Fame’s website for current events and information about the Hall of Fame Membership and member exclusive rates. Second Base - Where to Stay Cooperstown offers an array of lodging options to suit any need. Family options: Extra Innings Overnight Each year the National Baseball Hall of Fame offers families a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend the night at the museum. The Extra Innings Overnight program allows children to sleep in the famed Plaque Gallery and gives families access to the museum after hours. Camp out There are several family campgrounds located in Cooperstown that offer easy access to the Hall of Fame. Camping is a great option for traveling families because it allows you to create a unique, budget-friendly experience that your family will love. For Couples: The beautiful scenery and relaxing ambience make Cooperstown a perfect place for a romantic vacation. Consider staying in one of Cooperstown’s quaint bed and breakfasts or cottages to truly immerse yourself in the nostalgic and charming atmosphere of this whimsical village. For Everyone: Whether you are traveling with friends or family, the hotels in Cooperstown are a great choice. Many of the hotels offer access to the beautiful Ostego Lake, golf courses, tennis courts and swimming pools. With the array of activities available, staying at a hotel is certainly a go-to option when planning a baseball trip. Third Base – Once You’re There Before embarking on your baseball tour, it’s important to note that the Hall of Fame is actually an educational institution that embodies a research library, museum and the actual Hall of Fame, all under one roof. Having collected more than 38,000 artifacts since it opened in 1939, there is a never-ending amount of history housed within the walls of the Hall of Fame. Some of the exciting activities you don’t want to miss while you’re on your baseball trip to the Hall of Fame include the following:
  • Visit Doubleday Field – walk just two blocks from the Hall of Fame to visit Doubleday Field, which is known as the birthplace of baseball and is one of America’s oldest parks.
  • Stop by the Where It All Began Bat Co. to view the world’s largest baseball bat and to have your signature engraved on a major league bat.
  • Baseball legends exhibits – legends such as Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron have their own exhibits at the Hall of Fame. Be sure to swing by these famous rooms, and take one of the in-depth baseball tours to get a glimpse into the lives of baseball’s greatest players.
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