Airlines that Fly to Hawaii from Los Angeles (LAX)

There are plenty of reasons why you should book a trip to Hawaii. Now that you’ve decided to go, we listed the most popular airlines that fly from one of the busiest airports in the country – Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Hawaiian Airlines
Average Cost Roundtrip: $700+

Hawaiian Airlines may be the most obvious choice, not only does it fly between the five islands of Hawaii but also provides daily service from LAX. Flying in the main cabin won’t get you as many benefits as “extra comfort” or first class, but the airline does give you the option to “Bid Up” your way to better seats. Despite your cabin class, expect complimentary and traditional Hawaiian meals and free wine. Wi-Fi and in-flight entertainment such as movies, TV, and games are available for purchase.

Alaskan Airlines
Average Cost Roundtrip: $700+

Alaskan Airlines is similar to Hawaiian Airlines in regard to price, but includes artisanal foods for purchase, free in-flight entertainment, Wi-Fi for purchase, and power outlets at every seat on most aircrafts. However on Alaskan, first class upgrades are generally more affordable and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Virgin America
Average Cost Roundtrip: $550+

Virgin America may be the most cost effective airline to fly to Hawaii. Virgin offers the least expensive flights, power outlets at every seat, cabin mood lighting, touch screen TVs for in-flight entertainment or use them to chat with other passengers on the plane. If you need a better visual, go online and view your seat assignment ahead of time with the 360 degree seat view.

United or American
Average Cost Roundtrip: $650+

United and American Airlines are the most familiar airlines on this list and fortunately they both have several non-stop flights on this route. Alike other domestic flights, passengers are offered complimentary in-flight entertainment through the United or American app to be used on personal laptops or smartphones. Also, you can recharge your devices with in-flight power outlets at every seat too.

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